Studying Abroad: Overcoming Challenges and Difficult Times

Studying Abroad: Overcoming Challenges and Difficulties during the Academic Year and Gap Year.

As children we begin to form our belief system with information that will be consolidated over time and will govern our functioning in life.

This information will come to us at first from our closest environment, parents and older siblings, and then from other sources such as school, social relations, relatives, friends, classmates, with whom we will build our circle of belonging.

Many of these conditioning messages will be linked to the overcoming of limits, becoming, in most cases, a personal challenge.

The “thou shalt be” will have full presence in our lives and we will be driven to test ourselves daily.

Consequently, the idea of “competition” will appear in our lives and, as a consequence of competition, the frustration we usually feel when we do not manage to be the first, the best, the fastest or the most intelligent.

This is not the occasion to delve deeper into issues of existential problems, but to give some advice that may help us to overcome limits or manage situations of certain complexity.

The first thing to keep in mind when we propose to overcome a challenge is that we are setting out to achieve a goal, therefore, this must be logical, achievable and measurable over time.

Logical, we must propose to overcome limits that make sense, that do not involve unnecessary risks and that we can enjoy in the attempt.

Achievable, if a priori we know that we are setting an impossible goal, it is better not to try.

Measurable, since the only thing that will give us the guideline of our progress will be the possibility of quantifying and evaluating the partial results that we obtain.

Any change we propose will be a new challenge in our lives, and to achieve it we will only need coherence in our idea of change and above all the desire and conviction to achieve our desired goals.

Changes are usually traumatic, require overcoming and can be experienced as difficult moments, however, they imply leaving our comfort zone and this will always contribute to our personal growth and development.

Hence the importance of the work of Lap Group advisors.

When you are thinking about your destination. Our 30 years of experience in this field, plus our specialised training in personal growth and development programmes for teenagers, allow us to advise you on the most suitable programme in each case. We work so that you achieve the objectives you have set yourself and so that you return highly satisfied with everything you have experienced.

Studying Abroad: Overcoming Challenges and Difficult Times

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