About us

About us

Grupo LAP is a company with 30 years of experience in the Foreign Language Course Promoters sector, today specializing in Personal Growth and Development programs for adolescents, both inside and outside of Spain, with the essential complement of the practice of language, English or Spanish as the case may be, as an important communication tool.

It was the year 2012, the height of the crisis, it was then that we realized that the time had come to change and transform ourselves by adapting our business model and services to the new reality.

We became aware that it was no longer enough for young people to learn a foreign language, our responsibility as trainers was to also offer them other tools that would help them grow and develop in the difficult stage of adolescence, within a globalized, unpredictable and changing world. , where success seems to lie in “HAVE and then be” and not in the development of “BEING”, which is what allows us to fulfill our purpose in life. In short, in a world that works backwards.

That is how we decided to grow on a personal level and then as a company to offer a “unique and different from everything known” service.

Training, emotional tourism, research and innovation

Training, emotional tourism, research and innovation

Years of study and specialization in Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Engineering, Neuroscience applied to Elite Coaching and Communication, all this added to the experience obtained during 30 years of uninterrupted work with young people, allow us today to proudly show ourselves to the world as the only Spanish company in the language course sector, possessing such specialized training and, above all, so necessary at the present time.

Working with young people and adolescents in personal growth and development programs is not an easy task, it requires a lot of training, specialization and, above all, a great experience that can only be obtained through years of sharing endless experiences with them.

Our Freedom I and II programs, summer programs in the United Kingdom, Ireland, USA and Canada, as well as our Academic Year offer, which includes accompaniment with specialized coaching sessions for adolescents, before and during their stay abroad, make our proposal a “unique” experience that all adolescents should live.

Grupo LAP
Agencia Lap, Misión


Educate, train and accompany young people and adolescents providing tools for personal growth and development with language practice. Our purpose is to help them improve their possibilities of emotional management, facilitating the connection with their TALENT AND VOCATION, clearing up doubts, fears and insecurities in this difficult stage of their evolutionary process.

Agencia Lap, Visión


To be an international reference in the Training of “Universal Citizens”, emotionally balanced young people, with good command of the English / Spanish languages ​​and communication, Acting and Socializing skills.

Agencia Lap, Nuestros valores


Educate for good performance in the interaction between cultures, valuing and respecting teamwork, aware of and responsible for caring for the environment, rational management of natural resources, with a strong commitment to Social Action and genuine interest in people.



Ceo & Founder de LAP
Entrepreneur with training in:
professional coaching
Neuroscience applied to coaching
Elite Communication

Dedicated to the world of languages ​​for more than 30 years, she has developed extensive experience in methodology and motivational techniques for learning and practicing foreign languages.

Being an advisor and speaker, she is often consulted by specialized media about the implementation of techniques and dynamics that facilitate communication at a global level.

She is an advisor and consultant specializing in School Year Programs Abroad.

She is an expert in coaching processes for adolescents, as well as in the implementation of workshops and application dynamics.


Director of Marketing & Development
Graduated in Marketing
University Analyst in Business Management
Specialist in Non-Governmental Organizations
Professional Coach with training in Emotional Engineering

Born in Argentina and based in Spain since 2008, he has been dedicated to business development as a consultant in market diversification and product development.

Master in Organizations with Social Purposes, he has developed tasks within the Third Sector of singular importance, especially within the health area where he held the position of Executive Director of the Fundación Argentina de Cardiología, an entity dedicated to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, the first cause of death in the world.

He currently works on the implementation and start-up of growth and personal development programs, fulfilling functions as Director of Development and Marketing of LAP. He is a professional coach and expert in Emotional Engineering.

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