School Year Abroad: Forge Lasting Relationships and Bonds

Humans are social beings by nature and are capable of connecting emotionally, to a greater or lesser extent, with everything around them.

This innate condition leads us to develop bonds of friendship with people who become part of our circle of belonging during the School Year Abroad.

Authentic love is the emotion that opens the door to the wonderful adventure of discovering the richness that each being possesses within.

But why do some relationships last a lifetime and others fade away over time? The answer is strictly emotional: the strength of the bond will be proportional to the intensity of the emotion that made the union possible.

Good emotional management will be essential for living healthy relationships, keeping away everything toxic that may exist in our environment.

The School Year Abroad and other educational tourism programs are excellent opportunities to develop relationships and powerful bonds highly recommended to achieve a full, harmonious and happy life.

Hence the importance of the work of Lap Group advisors.

When you are thinking about your destination. Our 30 years of experience in this field, plus our specialised training in personal growth and development programmes for teenagers, allow us to advise you on the most suitable programme in each case. We work so that you achieve the objectives you have set yourself and so that you return highly satisfied with everything you have experienced.

School Year Abroad

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