Academic Year in USA AND CANADA: The Easter Break Experience

If you are thinking of doing an ACADEMIC YEAR abroad, and your chosen destination is the USA or CANADA, then, you will be surprised by the activities that take place in these two countries on the occasion of EASTER BREAK.

Easter is a time for celebration, remembrance, and family gatherings. In both, Academic Year in USA AND CANADA, Easter Break is closely linked to community spirit, friendship, and reflection.

In fact, of course, these holidays of high emotional content, have their traditions as it could not be otherwise.

These cherished holidays come with unique traditions. In the USA, for example, children decorate eggs and hide them in baskets filled with candy and chocolate for an Easter morning surprise.

Canada has its own twist with “Egg Hunting.” Children search for chocolate eggs hidden around the house and garden by the Easter Bunny. The one who finds the most eggs wins!

Our Academic Year in USA AND CANADA students will experience this celebration in a special way. Their welcoming “host families,” all part of the Grupo Lap community, will involve them in traditional Easter activities.

Hence the importance of the work of Lap Group advisors.

When you are thinking about your destination. Our 30 years of experience in this field, plus our specialised training in personal growth and development programmes for teenagers, allow us to advise you on the most suitable programme in each case. We work so that you achieve the objectives you have set yourself and so that you return highly satisfied with everything you have experienced.

Academic Year in USA AND CANADA

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