Academic Year Abroad: Study Time Management

Tips for managing study time during the Academic Year Abroad

Good time management has been an unfinished business since time immemorial.

However we do it, we end up feeling that we have not had enough time to get things done as we would have liked.

The feeling is one of inefficiency, i.e. we have not achieved what we set out to do in the time we have set ourselves.

However, it is important to bear in mind that our brain is an expert in automatisms, so if we propose a plan of action that allows us to organise ourselves and establish a method of operation, whether at work or in our studies, we will have our brain as a great ally who will help us to do things efficiently.

If what we are looking for is to improve our time management, it is advisable:
  • Carry out a situation diagnosis:

Knowing where we are in our here and now will help us to situate ourselves more accurately.

  • Learn to separate the urgent from the important:

Don’t try to do everything at once, put together a ranking of priorities assigning them the real importance in each case and the timescales for their execution. Only those that are not being fulfilled according to our action plan will be classified as urgent, which will imply adopting the appropriate corrective measures.

  • Establish routines and stick to them:

In this way, our brain will create automatic functions optimising time, as it is the organ that consumes the most energy in our organism, it will try to deactivate itself as soon as possible in order to save vital energy.

  • Set achievable, logical and measurable goals:

We should set ambitious goals that do not exceed our possibilities of achieving them. We can optimise time, but not create time where there is none. In this way we will avoid falling into the frustration of not having fulfilled our objectives.

  • Establish time limits for tasks:

Tasks must be assigned, a priori, a time for their execution and we must comply strictly with the pact we have established with ourselves. However, in the event that a task becomes critical, we can reallocate time by establishing a new order of priorities.

An Academic Year Abroad is an excellent opportunity to put into practice our ability to manage our time properly in order to optimise results and get the most out of our investment.

Hence the importance of the work of Lap Group advisors.

When you are thinking about your destination. Our 30 years of experience in this field, plus our specialised training in personal growth and development programmes for teenagers, allow us to advise you on the most suitable programme in each case. We work so that you achieve the objectives you have set yourself and so that you return highly satisfied with everything you have experienced.

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