Art, Music & Language


This tour offers an exceptional opportunity for school bands to combine cultural, artistic and educational experiences in some of Spain’s most dynamic cities.

At each stop, from Madrid to Valencia, school bands will immerse themselves in the vibrancy of the local culture, fusing their love of music and art while learning Spanish hands-on. They will have the opportunity to perform with their band in some of the most emblematic places in each city.

Here are some examples of the activities that will take place in each of the cities on the tour.

See you in Spain!


In the captivating city of Madrid, visitors will be immersed in the heartbeat of Spanish culture. Some of the activities organized at this first stop include:

  • Art at the Reina Sofia Museum: They will explore modern and contemporary art at the famous museum, where they can participate in a creative workshop inspired by the masterpieces.
  • Traditional Music: You will learn about traditional Spanish instruments and rhythms and have the opportunity to play with your instruments for local audiences.
  • Visit to Emblematic Monuments such as the Prado Museum or the Royal Palace, where they will discover the rich history and heritage of Spain.

Flamenco and Tapas: You will enjoy an authentic Spanish evening with a tapas dinner followed by a flamenco performance, experiencing the passion and emotion of this unique artistic expression.

In the vibrant city of Bilbao you will live a unique cultural and artistic experience.

  • Guggenheim Museum Bilbao: Marvel at the contemporary art in this iconic museum and participate in an art workshop inspired by the shapes and colors of the exhibits.
  • Basque Music: Learn about traditional Basque music and have the opportunity to play local instruments and perform their own concert at iconic locations in the city.

Coast city Trip: They will enjoy an excursion to San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, a picturesque spot on the Basque coast, where they will experience the natural beauty of the region.



It is the most avant-garde Spanish city. Here travelers will discover the fusion of Catalan art, architecture and creativity.

– Works of Gaudí: Explore the unique architecture of Antoni Gaudí by visiting the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell, and participate in an artistic mosaic workshop.

– They will discover Catalan music and have the exciting opportunity to play live music in a public square, sharing their skills with the public.

– Excursion to Montserrat: They will enjoy an excursion to the mountain of Montserrat, where they will experience the spirituality and nature of Catalonia.

Arriving in Valencia our travelers will be immersed in modernity and local traditions:

– City of Arts and Sciences: They will be amazed by the modern architecture in this impressive structure and participate in an art workshop inspired by its design.

– Valencian Music: Learn about traditional Valencian music and participate in a musical workshop with local elements.

– Farewell Evening: Celebrate their time in Spain with a farewell dinner, where they will present their artistic and musical accomplishments and perform their grand farewell concert.




Tour Director

Accompanying the group at all times.
By request.

Professional tour guides

The tours in the cities will be carried out by expert guides that will make the experience wonderful.

Tickets to all excursions included

All tickets to excursions, monuments and museums will be reserved in advance and included in the price.


Accommodation in 3-star hotels with breakfast and transportation between cities, to and from the airport included in all our tours.


24 hour emergency services. In case of any problems we have staff on site to assist you at any time.