Academic Year: Emotional Travel Experiences.

A journey is lived and enjoyed from the very moment we start thinking about it. From the concept, we begin to imagine, feel, and perceive in a kind of intoxicating fantasy, the ‘how’ it will be.

Just the thought of traveling vitalizes us, brightens our lives, and predisposes us to live unforgettable moments. As time passes, we can recall and relive it almost with the same intensity; the mind creates reality and sometimes modifies something from what was experienced.

Hence the importance of proposing emotional journeys. To do this, we must be aware that the senses are the antennas of emotions: touch, hearing, smell, taste, and sight, when used in the right way and when the situation warrants, allow us to embark on an emotional journey and, consequently, an unforgettable one.

And why is it important to live an emotional journey? Because what is experienced from emotion ‘is never forgotten.’

At Grupo LAP, we believe that a journey should bring a benefit beyond the pleasure of traveling and discovering new places or interacting with new people and cultures. We know that a journey can mean a before and after in the lives of those who undertake it.

The testimonials from all the people who have enjoyed our travel programs, whether they are SCHOOL YEARS, EDUCATIONAL TRIPS, or different GROUP programs, clearly demonstrate that when we develop our Five Senses Journeys, we create a product capable of meeting the needs of our clients, even surpassing their expectations.

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