Academic Year: Cultural Differences and how to adapt.

When we embark on a journey abroad, one of the foremost considerations is cultural differences. Naturally, a primary concern, especially in a country where the language differs from ours, is how will I make myself understood?

Well, unless we’re venturing into an off-the-grid adventure in deep Africa or a remote Pacific island, having a moderate understanding of English can help us overcome this challenge.

However, cultural disparities in customs and traditions often become a hurdle that can discourage us, leading us to abandon our plans.

Mistake! We shouldn’t miss the opportunity to engage with other cultures. Not only would we miss out on the chance to enjoy everything they have to teach us, but also, simply establishing connections with different people leads to the development of new brain synapses, enhancing our cerebral neuroplasticity.

All limits reside within our minds, and false fears that make us see threats where there are none are often the cause of our hesitations when diving into the exciting adventure of discovering a new culture.

The interaction between cultures is one of the great possibilities, frequently overlooked or undervalued, that we as humans have at our fingertips simply by virtue of being human.

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